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‘Lego’ bricks

Words fail me. It’s no wonder there’s nothing beyond a couple of unreferenced article to link this to UNICEF. If they really did commission it they will want to bury it as deep as they can (although it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that UNICEF were influenced by their partnership with the Lego Foundation) The suggestion is that brick filled with rice & water are sent to people in need, who can then use them to build shelters. Wow.


Fractal Shelter

“Whether for mass housing, livelihoods, education, health care facilities or post disaster re-building and refugee habitation, the fractal structures bring forth a highly economical, environmentally conscious and rapidly ready to deploy model for universal building, enabling us to build intelligent and healthy spaces for masses, even under unfavorable conditions and with limited resources.”


The DH1 Disaster House

The use of quality materials is intended to allow for the integration of the DH1 modules into the permanent solution for the neighborhoods in which they are deployed. The structure as it exists is intended to be initially insulated with indigenous materials such as straw and then wrapped with a canvas or plastic membrane, In a warm island climate just a rain fly might suffice.


Arc House

Inspired by a bike shed, Arc House weighs 1361kg and provides 13.9m2 of space and costs between $55,000 and $75,000 US!

“it’s the hope of the architects that this modular housing system will catch on with relief organizations for rebuilding situations — definitely a better option than flimsy, makeshift tents or toxic trailers.”

You get the feeling that suggesting this for disaster relief is more a marketing gimmick than anything else…

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