Houses in rural Haiti after the 2010 earthquake

This is a gallery of a selection (out of a total of over 10,000) photos of people’s houses or shelters in July/August 2010 in rural areas of Leogane and Gressier Communes in Haiti. The photos were taken along with a survey to assess the shelter and WASH situation of households, by teams of local enumerators. The quality of photos varies significantly, and many are largely obscured by the board which was held up to identify the photo and link it to its associated data. However, the collection nonetheless provides a rich overview of the type of shelter in rural areas some months after the catastrophic earthquake, and a shows clearly some of the beautiful traditional houses and housing heritage of Haiti.

Identifying information and faces have been blurred in the photos, and the size reduced from the originals. More photos are being added periodically as they are processed.


Locations of the photographs (not all included in map)